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Investments are necessary to improve the company's competitiveness and reach a higher level of development. The received investments are aimed at improving the material and technical base of the company, developing and implementing software, attracting highly qualified professionals: economists, IT-specialists, lawyers, who provide uninterrupted quality work of our service for financial transactions using cryptocurrency. In addition, additional funds are needed for advertising events in the media space. All these expenses stimulate the growth of the company's income, which allows improving the conditions for investors.
It can be any adult citizen who has free financial resources and the desire to get a stable passive income. To assign the status of an investor, it is necessary to register by filling out the proposed form and replenish your deposit.
To deposit and withdraw money, our clients are offered to use electronic payment systems. The site provides a complete list of ways of financial transactions.
Profit is credited to the investor's account after investment completion. Please note that the deposit is included in the payment, and cannot be withdrawn before the deadline.
Profit is available for withdrawal when the amount on the balance is $50
Yes, the company is ready to perform its financial obligations under any conditions. For this purpose, a reserve fund was created, the funds from which are intended for payments to investors under any unforeseen circumstances.
Yes. Our marketing specialists have developed an effective referral reward system, which is 10%
Payments are made automatically within 2-5 mins after making a withdrawal request
Withdrawals are only accessible to active investors.
You can create one account from one IP address.
The active investor is an investor having a company minimum allowed deposit which is $50.

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